About Kimberly Curtis
About Kimberly Curtis
I have been a professional photographer for over 18 years. I specialize in weddings and outdoor portraiture. I have lived and worked as a professional photographer in Maui, Hawaii since 1998. I am originally from Santa Cruz, California and have worked several years in the San Francisco area as well as Chico, California. Besides portraits and weddings, I also photograph landscapes and golf tournaments. I am available to travel to all islands and often travel to the mainland for weddings, portrait sessions and special events.
Adult and Family
Few people enjoy having their portraits taken. My goal at Kimberly Curtis Photography is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. When it comes to clothing, makeup, hair and most importantly, the mood and look you desire to achieve, I am here to assist you. From jeans to tuxedos, my number one desire is to create the portrait that makes you happy.
High School Senior Portraits
Maui is such a wonderful place for portraits and yours will be truly unique because of the location. I specialize in outdoor portraiture. After all, what better studio is there than the beauty our oceans and tropical landscapes? I try to make your portrait session a fun time and use several scenes within the same general location. You have many photos from which to choose. Inquire about your opportunity to be a Rock Star Model For A Day.
Even at the youngest age, children have a personality all their own. Do not worry about your child being fussy. I love a challenge! I like to get aquatinted with your child so he/she is comfortable. How many times have you seen children crying because they are put in front of a strange person with a camera and lights are and supposed to automatically start smiling. It can be frightening to a young child who doesn't understand the purpose of the photo session. Some of the best portraits, the child isn't even smiling or looking at the camera. It's just a moment in time. I will take the necessary time to create that magic moment.
Pregnancy is a beautiful time in life
The changes that a woman's body goes through during pregnancy is nothing short of miraculous. Pregnancy and Maternity portraits in Maui can be created in many ways to capture this special moment in time. I will photograph your maternity portrait the way you wish to be seen and remembered.
Whether you're shy or outgoing
I specialize in outdoor portraiture. There is no better studio than the natural surrounding of the beaches, palm trees and sunsets. I create a comfortable environment where you may wear as much or as little clothing as you like. Children, husbands, and pets are optional. I do believe involving the husband and any previous children will provide beautiful images and and Wonderful Memories To Last a Lifetime.
How Do You Choose To Remember This Moment?
Whether it is a portrait for your desk or a wall portrait, it helpful for me to know in advance. If you have a wall portrait in mind, measure your area where it is to be placed before you come to Maui, so we can order more efficiently. The optimum portrait's image size is two/thirds life size. Knowing where you are going to display your portrait in advance and for whom it is intended are factors to consider. Heirloom portraits do not just happen ....... they are created!